Do you know how to exchange business cards?

I hope you had great holidays!

I went to a Japanese networking event one week ago and enjoyed listening to a panel discussion with all amazing Japanese people.

After the panel discussion was over, I socialized with other participants and gave my business cards. Do you know how to exchange business cards in Japan?

The exchange of business cards is an important part of Japanese business etiquette!(meishi-koukan 名刺交換)

I will briefly explain  three core points of the exchange of business cards. This will help you avoid embarrassing situations when you have a business meeting with Japanese people!

  1.  The highest ranking people exchange cards first

After you introduced yourself and bow, the business card ceremony starts! First you should find who is the highest person and give your business card. businessmen-152572_640.png


2. Give and receive cards by using both hands

When you pass your card, you should offer your card with both hands that will demonstrate greater respect. 10250000240.jpg

3. Keep received cards on the table during a meeting


Japanese people expect you to take time to read and memorize pertinent information . Then you put business cards on table on your left side.



If you have a change to have a business meeting with Japanese people, try it!

Have a great night!




Japanese fashion is unique?


Hi all. I am back here to write about  one of my favorite clothing shops in Japan!

Do you know Japanese fashion? Take a look the video as shown below!

We have many different types of fashion producing to the all over world!

I will write my personal recommended clothing shop and why I like the shop.  I have been to a used&select clothing in Tokyo since I graduated from high school.  I am always asked why I buy used clothes.. Because of the scent?  Maybe right. 

 The shop deals with amazing used and vintage clothing (mainly 1950s to 1970s). It is so hard to describe their products. I will briefly explain the shop location first and show some examples of its clothing.

Shop location: used&select clothing SebasTian 【TEL FAX】03-3405-4589 open12:00〜close20:00 東京都渋谷区神宮前4-22-14 サンハイツ山口2F  Twitter: #Sebastion #セバス

The inside of the shop:

スクリーンショット 2015-12-10 22.30.42

Look how their clothes look like below!

スクリーンショット 2015-12-10 22.30.51

スクリーンショット 2015-12-10 22.31.06

I have known the owner of the shop for 7 years and he is the person who has ambition and the ability to make people attractive. He always welcome customers with warm heats and makes customers feel easy to stay in the shop.  He does not only sell its clothes.. What? He talks to customers one to one and listen to their experience. Further more, he helps customers find their dream through the whole buying story such as how they explore to the US and encounter used or vintage clothes. This story makes me feel excited!  (of course their clothes are awesome and my taste!)

Do you feel like you want to travel to Japan and visit this shop?

Hopefully you will feel that way! Good night!


Excited to read my blog? Do want to experience Japanese culture?

Hey nightmare worriers!

I am a Japanese man who currently lives in the U.S doing a master degree. During my stay in the US, I have met a lot of Japanese culture fans! I also like to experience different cultures!


This above photo was taken when I lived in Boston and had a drinking party with Korean and Thai friends!



Since I started working professionally after graduation, I have had many chances to visited many countries for business and talked to many foreigners. The more I socialize with different people, the more curious I become about my own identity. Many people ask me why Japanese cultures are so unique. This simple question even makes me think what the exactly Japanese cultures are. Upon my motivation, I read a lot of resources about cultural differences. It seems like Japan is a country where makes foreigners attractive by delivering different values. Yes, that is my country? I will give this question:Do you figure out what this below photo is?



This was taken when I  travel to  Kusatsu-Onsen, Kusatsu-machi, Agatasuma-gun, Gunma Prefecture in Japan. It is spring hot water!

The below website links is Kusatsu Onsen tourist association that explains where they recommend to eat out, take a bath and etc.. Please take a look at it!

If you drive a car from Shibuya station in the center of Tokyo, it is estimated that it takes about 4 hours.

スクリーンショット 2015-12-10 22.10.22.png

Do you want to know more about Japanese culture?

In this blog, I am planning to introduce some Japanese cultures and business manner in a fun way. Are you ready to read my blog?

Anyway, I am looking forwards to sharing my story with you all!